Monday, July 14, 2014

YOU are a Force!

Breathe...feel your feet on the ground supported by Mother Earth. Feel the heavens blowing through you echoing your truest song: LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Root in this moment, this day to RISE! We meet more of our Self each day in the seemingly ordinary moments that are actually EXTRAordinary! Waves of Amazing Grace swirling through us, through all of Creation ALIVE in the dance Life is! This human journey so sacred takes us into worlds within again and again...the opening of us into Life! Every moment, every experience is an opportunity to OPEN wider to live FREER flowing with ALL that comes grounded in a sense of Self, this Force we are, Bigger than the Obstacles & challenges that are A part of living. EVERYTHING that comes our way is there to lead us Home into a deeper sense of Self where we find Strength and Hope in the midst of the storms. We learn to TRUST our Self as we LIVE ALL the crapola that we don't want to face that sends us reeling as we try to find ways around it, avoiding the BS because it sucks. Navigating our way OUT using our inner compass we Discover how Magnificent we are, how powerful we are, how we are hard wired to FIGHT for our LIFE; to die TRYIN! Back into a corner by life circumstances, we DO what we Do, what we MUST to live! Now, that is badassssss:). That is YOU. That is me. That is ALL. The hero we are, the hero we have always been BURSTS through each of us to reveal the Magic we are. We live and die over and over experiencing lifetimes within this lifetime. Our heart is broken to take us into depths of Love and Joy. This is not a punishment or cosmic ass kicking even though it FEELS that way; each experience OPENS you, births more of YOU, hatching potentials, cultivating seeds of Promise that are ready to perfect TIME! Be PUMPED! Jump around enlivened by life dancin YOU happily into what's next?! Into the Surprise of Life wandering and exploring and sharing your Self generously. Ohhh HAPPY DAY:)! Happyass dancin to FREE the Joy! Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!! Xoxo

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