Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Who YOU Are is BADASS!

Let's DO this Day. Be YOU! Free YOU! Say THANK YOU all day long. Here YOU are! Open Your Self feeling the excitement of this unfolding day, dwelling in the possibilities, living this adventure being present to the experiences, receiving the blessings, mining for the gold, trusting your Self to navigate ALL that comes your way. The invitation to LIVE each day as if it were your last!!! Not to focus on the fact that one day, this life will be no more; but to focus on the SIGNIFICANCE of YOU and your dance with life and with others as you SHOW UP being YOU doing what you do. Tune into your secret heart full of desires, sacred longings and expect to meet helpers that the universe brings your way to deliver messages, to open doors, to usher you into the more that awaits, the Dreams ready to manifest. Believe! Believe with ALL your heart in the Beauty of YOU and all you have to give; and live OPEN, receiving all the assistance, all the goodness, ALL the Love that comes your way. Remember: your GOOD comes from the Universe! Aligned with your Higher Self, YOU have the power of the Universe, this Force of LOVE flowing through YOU, allowing you to face what you must, to DO what you don't wanna DO but must in order to GO where you wanna GO. This LIFE is a liberation walk moment by moment, Day by Day until our last breath! Muster the Courage, drinking from the well within, knowing you can absolutely meet any challenge riding the waves of Grace holding YOU through it all, guiding you to the other side. FEEL that Fire within and know YOU are unstoppable! YOU have EVERYTHING to Give and nothing to lose. The only mountain to MOVE is YOU, letting go of beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that make you forget: ANYTHING is possible!!! Focus on what you are doing RIGHT and DO more of that. Follow inspired ideas for this is your inner compass, your higher Self taking YOU where it is now time to GO! Go Boldly!!! Because it FEELS damn GOOD to be ALIVE...because it feels better to be scared shitless daring to GO into the UNKNOWN than to be numbed out, cut off from the flow. Life is NOW! Breathe IT in. Let it ROAR through YOU. Shock Your Self! Let life SURPRISE you:). Who you are is BADASS...who YOU will Be?! Beyond Badasssss. Go! Be YOU. Have FUN. It is damn GOOD to be YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo! Ohhh, I love you!!! Xo

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