Saturday, July 19, 2014

LOVE Never Dies.

Wisdom speaks through us ALL: LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Love life with all of YOU, expressing your Self, sharing the essence of You, freeing the Passion, this LOVE of living, aligned with this LOVE you are. Let this Truth echo from your every breath, from your Presence going about this day doing what you do, being YOU: Love Never Dies...Yesterday, Morgan, my 8 year old great niece colored this message for me with hearts all around it. When asked where she heard this or read this, she shrugged her shoulders and said: I just KNEW it. The soul KNOWS. We embody this Truth that LOVE lives on. This force of the universe ALIVE within us, animating us, inspiring us as we FREE more and more of it awakening our Self to the profound Beauty we are as we journey this life. This LOVE you are! This LOVE I am. This LOVE that connects us all in this Dance is the invisible elixir fueling our Dreams and bringing the JOY, the HOPE, the WONDER as we make our way, exploring life and welcoming the adventure. I heard this in the movie, Serendipity: When someone died the ancient Greeks did not write obituaries, they simply asked: Did they have PASSION? And I invite you to let this LOVE you are speak the Truth of YOU! Let go of worrying about being "good", BE PASSIONATE! Whatever you do, LOVE it! Muster this energy, drink from the eternal well within ever-springing: LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Love the suckiest moments and the moments that make you cheer: woo woo woofuckinhoo! Love who you are especially the parts you wanna change. LOVE in its purest form beyond human definition heals us, creates miracles MOVING mountains. Find your way to LOVE again and again, shouting BRING it ON! Thank YOU! I love my Life! Woo woo woofrickinhoo! I love YOU. I SEE You. You are badassssssss!!!! Xo

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