Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A lil FAITH is Big STUFF...

Have a lil FAITH! Faith in the UNIVERSE and Faith in YOUR Self go hand in hand. Tune IN. Listen. Trust the guidance to do this or that, to change this or that; to go here for coffee instead of there. Go ahead: PLAN. Plan your day, your week, do what ya gotta do to get what ya gotta get done. And make space, allow life to unfold YOU, take you into the surprises. Perched on FAITH knowing that you will get "there" wherever you wanna GO! Leap into this Day FEELING confident that you will meet people along the way who are messengers affirming you and your path. You will meet helpers offering you wisdom, a hand, whatever YOU need to keep ON keepin ON. Stay the course, hold the VISION while letting GO of fixed ideas of HOW things should be or HOW things will happen. Meet life moment by magic moment. Being present to your LIFE, you RECEIVE what you need; you are ALIVE in the dance here and now. FREE from your yesterday's events, letting GO! Remembering: life is NOW!! Asking: what do I want NOW?! What do I have the power to change? What is behind my choices? FAITH!!! Believing in what you KNOW in the depths of YOU. Creating the life you were born to LIVE that fits YOU that is aligned with YOU...FAITH!!! Believing. Trusting. FEELING certain that EVERYTHING is leading you Home, Discovering MORE of You; Getting CLARITY about what you Want and what you don't want. Remembering the stories of your hero's who took the road less traveled and bravely let their inner compass guide their lives into the ADVENTURE of each day. Hold your heroes in your heart for they MIRROR you! You picked them because you are kindred souls. They SING the song of YOU echoing Truth and lighting the way...INSPIRING YOU! Grounding these words of FAITH: Anything is POSSIBLE! Be you. Show up. Dare. Surround yourself with people who FEED you and energize YOU and OPEN you to the MAGIC you are and life is. The mantra of the Great Explorers is SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Live OPEN as you walk in Faith this day KNOWING your gifts, BELIEVING in the forces of the universe ever-assisting YOU. Effort and Grace...step by step. Lean into LIFE expecting the BEST; make lemonade out of lemons. Spin the lead into GOLD. Extract the OPPORTUNITY in every circumstance: what is this here to SHOW me?! Take charge. Rule your life from the inside OUT. Small changes are actually BIG. Let's DO this Day wide OPEN: Bring on the MAGIC! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)). It is damn GOOD to be YOU!!! Xo

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