Thursday, July 24, 2014

Welcome LIFE...Open and Curious!

Today. Consciously welcome Life, dwell in the possibilities, breathe in the Hope and Joy, breathe out fear, doubt and worry. Let go! Let life flow freely through you. As you move through the moments, be present to your Self, to others, to the unfolding events Open and Curious. Observe your Self and life FEELing the assisting forces, the amazing Grace of the universe springing through you and all of Creation. FEEL the connection. Feel the vibration of Love pour through you, through others, through all moments. Let this energize you and awaken your vitality ALIVE in a sense of Harmony. Dare to hear the Music within your very heart. Go. Do. Be You. Trust the dance. Trust the waters. Trust the universe guiding you, holding you, supporting you, partnering with YOU this day. All moments are sacred blossoming YOU into your fullest expression again and again...Until your last breath. This Day is YOURS. This is YOUR life! What do you want it to say? What do you want it to feel like? Hold your vision this day and stay the course BELIEVING with all of You that anything is possible! BELIEVING you are being assisted by the whole of this universe, a band of angels whispering guidance, urging you through physical sensations to make choices that free you; echoing YOU are Loved. YOU Matter. You are worthy of all the GOOD that comes your way this day. You deserve a life that Inspires you, that reflects YOU, that frees your Passion living for the love of living. Ain't no time for settling for a life that starves you, cutting you off from your Joy. Ain't no time for giving Up when you have life to LIVE. YOU are the only mountain to move this day. YOU are there only sea to part this day. Open your mind. Open your Self. Face the obstacles standing in your power aligned with the Universe. Know with all of YOU: if you are led to it, YOU will be led through it. And going around it, avoiding it is delaying the opportunity to GROW, to BLOSSOM, to kick some ass...doing what ya gotta do to live FREE! To bring on the Joy. To plug into the Bigness you are and life is. Ohhh, the wonders of YOU and this Day will surprise YOU! Let's do this. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!! Xo

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