Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Shades of YOU!

Enter this Day with Fresh eyes! Let GO of yesterday. Dare to SEE the wonders, loving the unfolding adventure breath by magic breath. Open YOUR SELF to new shades of life inviting the Beauty you are, the Beauty of living to be revealed. Experience this TRUTH: things don't change, WE CHANGE... We are transformed again and again ever-blossoming until this journey ends. How EXCITING! and How terrifying! We must hold both, allow all that we feel. There is a sense of grounding and comfort in the familiar; regrounding in the NEW requires patience and compassion with our Self. As I swam the cove behind my houseboat, I looked at the foothills, the same trees that have lined the shore hugging me for over 20 years. A new shade of GREEN came OUT to Inspire me, to meet me, to stir me. I welcomed this physical evidence of this new life cycling through me. I am in a new season that has organically come. I ride the waves of Amazing Grace that allow me to flow with life, roll with the changes; trusting my Self, trusting the Universe! Knowing my openness makes the ride easier as the currents shift and the choppy water churns and jostles me. Take my hand! We are in this together. FEEL empowered. FEEL afraid. FEEL whatever bubbles UP! Let it come and let it GO. Use your breath to navigate the moments, walking by faith in this Force of Love you are. Do. Be. Do. Be. New shades of life revealing more of YOU. Dance FREE. Nothing can stop you but YOU. Fly out of the cage. Love this day and live it ALL feeling the possibilities. Love your Self appreciating where you are at any moment, letting go of judgment and criticism. New shades of YOU reflecting the light of the heavens ever-guiding you, pouring through YOU being YOU, doing YOU, enjoying the ride day by day. Remember, there is always LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. Stay the course! Make your way through cheering your Self ON with nourishing words that affirm the Courage and Strength that lies within. EVERYTHING you need lies within YOU! Use it ALL. Discover new depths. LOOK at the new shades of YOU and welcome the BEAUTY you are. Here we GO! Here we GROW! You got this! Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

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