Monday, June 30, 2014

HappyDance All Day!

Say THANK YOU!!! over and over and over. Carry an abiding THANK YOU in your heart, letting GO of conditions and choosing to LOVE, to Bless the Day and your Self with an OPEN Heart. Ohhh... the Courage to SHOW UP! living from the Heart fiercely and passionately EXCITED by life and the Possibilities. SHOWing UP and meeting life and meeting our Self wherever we are is badassss living!!! Here we are! Here we GO into a new day unfolding You. This is YOUR grand adventure. Breathe IN the moment! FEEL connected to your Self and to all of Creation. Pull back the curtains, open the door, step into Life consciously inviting the Universe to Dance YOU and awaken YOU to the Beauty YOU ARE and Life IS. Dare to shine the LIGHT on the ordinary moments letting this LOVE you are reveal how EXTRAordinary every moment is. LISTEN with your ever-guiding HEART appreciating the Sacred dance leading YOU into your greatest JOY, liberating more of YOU, worlds within YOU ready to PLAY and express. INVITE the Happy:))! Be silly. Shake it UP! shift your energy: HAPPYass dancin through the day:). Choosing HAPPY, keeping your heart light KNOWing you Matter, KNOWing there will never be another day just like this ONE so Enjoy IT!! And there will never be another human being just like YOU so enjoy being YOU:)! Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo!! Xo

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