Monday, July 21, 2014

Go for BROKE...Break FREE!

Breathe. Stretch. Feel your feet on the ground. Feel the support of the earth as you STAND in all that you are. Feel the strength you embody inhaling LIFE, exhaling LIFE. Head out the door, GO for a walk! GO for a run! GO for a drive! GO to Yoga or kickboxing or to whatever FEEDS you. The person who heads OUT the door isn't the one who comes back. You shift MOVING energy, stepping into the DAY, dwelling in possibilities, saying over and over: life is SO GREAT! Say Thank You for the moments that suck and the moments that make you happydance; remembering it ALL serves YOU. YOU are opened UP ever-blossoming, participating in this Sacred Dance being YOU. Touch your Spirit ever-FREE! Connect to your truest Self that knows the Power within YOU, the Creative potential of each Moment, flowing and opening. Return to the Innocence within, the childlike wonder, TRUSTing life, TRUSTing your Self; this is your brilliance, your kickass Self that DARES because it KNOWS you cannot possibly fu#% this life up! No way. No how. It is YOURS. Live it. LOVE it. Do. Be. Do YOU. Be YOU. GO for broke!!!! Breaking FREE into the Riches YOU embody, the RICHES of this Life. Spend Your SELF and FEEL the RICHES of the Universe spiraling through YOU, sharing your Self generously because YOU must because it feels damn GOOD. Mine for the GOLD. Claim the treasure YOU are. Hold your Self WIDE OPEN...Going for BROKE! Because holding back is painful. Withholding who YOU are disconnected from your sense of Self drains you of your vitality; your precious life force pulsing through your every breath. You are here to LIVE the Passion! You are here to FREE the Joy in expressing YOU, playing with Infinity. You are Creators in the Flesh partnering with the heavens, grounding the MYSTERY life Is; mirroring the BEAUTY for as long as this Magic carpet ride lasts. GO!!!! Go for Broke! Break FREE. And FEEL the whole of the Universe fueling YOU this moment, this day! Wowwww!!! Shout it OUT: woo woo Woofrickinhoo!!! Xoxo

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