Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Life OPENS Breath by Breath...

This Day live this dream life IS awake moving toward the DREAMS, the sacred longings and desires...moment by moment, choice by choice, open your HEART willing to RECEIVE what comes your way; understanding if you are lead to IT, there is something in IT for you, a blessing to extract, an opportunity knocking. The COURAGE to Act on what is presented allows the blessings to FLOW through! Life is constantly in motion, flowing and inviting US to come along. There is Magic in every moment, in every experience even that which we curse, that which we don't want to face, that which we want to run from. Go confidently into the UNKNOWN knowing it is gonna be GREAT! Grounded in Faith, Trust, Certainty even in the midst of uncertainty, you live SPIRITED! You are held by this LOVE, the essence of who you are; this Creative force which allows you to show up and meet life step by step slaying the dragons, facing the fears, doing what ya gotta do to FIGHT for your Life. Breath by magic breath, BELIEVE! BELIEVE! BELIEVE! Trust the Universe. Trust your Self. LIVE the answers! Meet more of YOU with open arms and gratitude! Shine the light on the MOMENTS asking to see life through the eyes of AMAZING Grace! Dance FREE in the Beauty of LIFE knowing the Abundance YOU ARE. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE life and experience the heavens showering YOU all damn day come what may:). Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

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