Sunday, July 27, 2014

Words are ALIVE!

Words are not empty. They are ALIVE. They echo through us, through others; containing the vibration of the Universe. Soul force dancing. Grounding this power that animates you, me, all. Nourish your Self with words that remind you of the Truth of You. The Beauty of You. The Joy of You. The Miracle of You. Express your Self! Care for your soul this day sipping in the Magic. Look to the skies that call you HOME, to your truest Self. Say THANK YOU! Cheer your Self ON with words that Lift You. Free You. Open You. Affirm this Love you are. Drink from the well within touching your Fierce heart: Brave. Fiery. Wild. Raw. Unstoppable. Believe!!! What only you know in the depths of you. And when you feel overwhelmed, empty, lost, sad. Be with your Self. Acknowledging the feelings, you allow what comes instead of resisting the honest moment. Let it come. Let it Go. Again and again. Talk to your Self. Empower your Self with words. Let your words stoke that inner fire always there. Here. Now. In this moment. Within You lies the Love of the Universe that can part the seas and move the mountains. Fish from the Ocean of Love step by step. Sing. Dance. Play. Do. Be. LIVE!!! Live your life fueled by words that unlock your Magnificence this day. Every Day. Ain't no time for playin small when this BIG life awaits! Hell yeahhhh. Heaven on earth. Happyass dance! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

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