Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dream! Dream! Dream!

DREAM! DREAM! DREAM! Never stop Dreaming and Believing in your Heart's desires burning, bubbling, calling you! What if your Dreams pick YOU? And that sense of "there's gotta be more to life"; the discontentment where you feel restless is the depths of your soul stirring and contracting, READY to birth more of YOU?! Not to kick your ass as some cosmic punishment but to FREE you; to awaken more JOY in expressing the seeds of promise planted within you. Going with the FlOW! Trusting your Self. Trusting Life. Allowing the seasons to ebb and flow and dance you into "what's next?" Into the unknown where you must let GO! To let IN new life, your Dreams manifesting as your Spirit materializes again and again; unfolding YOU, blossoming YOU, growing YOU. This is what being ALIVE is! Dying to who you were in order to be reborn. Meeting MORE of you all in perfect time. Amazing Grace pouring through YOU as you muster the Courage to take the first step into New Life hatching moment by sacred moment, breath by magic breath. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Is the Miracle fueling YOU and your Dreams that picked YOU...freakin AWEsome! woo woo woofrickinhoo!!

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