Thursday, July 10, 2014

Just BEGIN...LIVE your WAY!

Let GO! Step into this Day READY, shouting from the inside OUT: Bring it ON! Let's do this! Here I AM! Bang your chest. Happy dance;). Let GO! of worrying about HOW?! How you will get from where you are to where you wanna GO. BREATHE. Connect with your sense of Self, your sense of your BIGness, feeling the power that lies within YOU, the whole of this Universe partnering with YOU! Do what ya gotta do to shake off disappointment, frustration and fears! All FEELings allowed to pass through us are neutral but residues of yesterday, the past and subconscious crapola can keep us from showing UP, from stepping into the Dream right here and now; from just BEGINning, doing what we MUST to FREE all that lies within Us. This journey requires us all to TRUST more than we want to; to leap into the UNKNOWN believing we will get "there". The only way is to LIVE the way day by day. Experimenting and exploring in order to OPEN our Self more and more. Stuck in doing it RIGHT or trying to figure it out, we wait for SOMEDAY. But life is NOW and someday may never come. Consciously paint the unfolding of this day visioning the helpers that will come to bring messages, offer wisdom or open a door for you. BELIEVE!!!! With all if your heart in your Self and your Dreams especially when you don't want to. Feed yourself nourishing words being your own best friend. Say HELL NO!!! To the thoughts and beliefs that sweep in threatening to hijack YOU. Lean into each moment and FEEL alive being with the terror and the exhilaration! Here YOU go...LOOK at YOU rising higher and higher! Because you must. Because it feels Damn GOOD to show up for the partay Life IS!!! Woo woo woofrickinhoo! Xoxo

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