Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A New Day...Dance with IT!

Here IT is! A brand new day. 24 hours of moments unfolding YOU...YOUR LIFE is NOW. Breathe IN the possibilities. Exhale all the stale energy, the residue of lingering fears and disappointments. Enter this day EXPECTING the Good, Counting the Blessings, saying THANK YOU all damn day. Fuel your Self this Day with More FAITH. More BELIEVING. More TRUST. More CERTAINTY. Touch your Spirit ever-FREE and let it OPEN you; let it LIGHT the way seeing what you haven't seen before; making new choices instead being stuck in a rut...seeing the Beauty of being scared shitless, FEELin Alive in the Fear instead of dead, dulled by the rut, the cage of your mind has created. Declare what YOU want! Fight for YOU. Discover the JOY of wanting. Explore new opportunities and stay open to Life ever-flowing, ever-guiding. BELIEVE with all your heart that things are working out for the BEST that the soul force of the universe has your BEST in mind always partnering with YOU not punishing YOU. Focus on what YOU are doing RIGHT. Focus on what FEELS GOOD. Focus on what gives YOU Hope. Focus on what gets you pumped UP excited to be YOU living this life. Do NOT indulge in worry, doubt or fear. Let IT go!! Choose to BELIEVE in YOU in Life. Look back at your journey so far and SEE your miraculous growth, the evolution of YOU, all that has led you here to this Day, this Moment. Within YOU lies the wisdom of the ages; within YOU lies this LOVE of the Universe that parts the seas and moves the mountains. Tap into this Magic, fish from this Ocean of Love within and let this Force show you the way into the MORE you crave. Invite it. Count on it. Say THANK YOU! Call out: Ohhh...magic life surprise me this day, DANCE me into what's next, into more Beauty, more Joy, more Love. And let it be. Be HAPPY anticipating the wonders! And let your HAPPYass light the way. Sing: Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! Xo

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