Friday, July 25, 2014

Greet the Moments...

Celebrate life! Bless it. Curse it. Love it. Live it. Stretch your arms wide! Open your Self to this day. Let your heart, fierce and wise guide YOU. Greet the moments as beloved friends. Welcome life, anticipating the GOOD, inviting the Magic, allowing the winds to carry you where you wanna go and beyond, trusting the companionship of the heavens blowing through you. This is a time of Great transition for all. The Great UNKNOWN ushers you into your Greatness, revealing new depths, where you must go now. Feel the fear. Feel the excitement. Feel the terror. Feel the exhilaration. Feel lost! And trust you will FIND more of your Self. Keep your eye on the Prize. Hold the Vision for your life. Want what you want! Go ahead. Say THANK YOU! As if every dream has come true. Feel the JOY of life standing where you are, knowing that you will get where you wanna go. Believe in the MAGIC you are and Life is. Dig deep. Do what ya gotta do to show up for the moments, leaning into them all, letting them transform you, open you and lead you into new life. Draw on past experiences. See YOU. Know YOU. Love YOU. Claim your badassssness that allowed you to let go! And reach for More, for what's next?! You have done this your whole life. Each time is challenging, but you are strengthened by the evidence, grounding the proof of your ability to sail your vessel through the darkness, trusting the dawn will come. Take your Self by the hand and be your own best friend, showering your Self with compassion, patience, kindness...LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Your Self Up. Your love is the Miracle. This LOVE within YOU is the Magic of the universe! Find your way to the Magic all damn day:). Happy Dance to the song in your Heart singin: this LOVE, this LOVE, this LOVE I the seas and moves the mountains. Woo woo woofrickinhoo! I love YOU. I do.

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