Sunday, July 6, 2014

BELIEVE: You are Worth the Fight!

Connect to YOUR Self, to the LOVE within YOU, the universal POWER that animates YOU and lifts YOU beyond the limitations. Stand in the Truth of YOU and breath by magic breath FEEL the seas part and mountains move, letting GO of human limitations based in Fear, letting GO of obstacles created by finite thinking. Fight for YOUR Life! Do what ya gotta do to journey into your Spirit ever-FREE and discover the truest confidence rooted in TRUST: believing it is ALL GOOD! (Even when it doesn't feel this way)Everything is leading you to where you want to go. FAITH: believing in what you cannot see, mustering the Courage to step into the UNKNOWN knowing you can't possibly F%%k this life UP! If you are led to IT, you will be led through IT. Each experience INVITES you to LOOK at your Self and your choices, reflecting on what serves YOU and what doesn't. Daring to FIGHT for YOU and make different choices that align with YOU, where you are Now; Willing to disappoint others as to NOT disappoint YOU; understanding when we make choices to PLEASE others believing this is what we do for those we LOVE, we will only grow to resent them. LOVE your Self so you can LOVE others! Just say HELL NO! To the BS thinking and self-talk and consciously FIGHT for YOUR LIFE knowing you are Worth it! BELIEVE in YOU! Be BRAVE enough to fight through old beliefs and patterns. The liberation walk is never ending; but it does get EASier as we GO with the FLOW open to Life, ALL of it, dwelling in Possibilities as we climb uphill and downhill; BELIEVING life is damn GOOD even when it Sucks:). YOUR Life is here and NOW...create a life you LOVE and share your LOVE with All the world! DREAM! Imagine. BELIEVE! Do YOU. BE Free. Live the MAGIC you ARE! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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