Friday, July 11, 2014

LOVE this Day with ALL of YOU!

Today, Live the Passion! free your LOVE of living. Love being YOU! Love the people you get to share the journey with. Love! Love! Love! because it feels damn GOOD. Loving, the energy of LOVE is high vibe living. Invite PASSION to dance you this day into more LOVE, more JOY, more of YOU, more of Life. Let go of what you think Passion means and experience Passion as a living inquiry. Feel the Passion, this Creative force, this Fire within! Feel engaged mind, body, heart and soul. FEEL Alive plugged into the moments, the moments of this day are your Life. The way you live today; the way you love today creates your tomorrow. When life FEELS damn good, we are flowing OPEN, living this Dream life is wide awake, believing in the MAGIC we are and life IS; excited by the possibilities! Saying THANK YOU as gratitude pours from the depths of us; appreciating the ride of life! Appreciating all that makes you YOU! Appreciating all that has led you right here, all the challenges, heartbreaks and ass kickings as well as the triumphs, victories and miracles. ALL experiences serve us and awaken us to this LOVE we are; igniting the PASSION, this love that must be expressed and shared and freed because NO THING feels as GOOD as living our truest Life! The world needs YOU and your LOVE of living:). Give your Self generously! I LOVE YOU!!! Woo woo woofrickinhoo...happyass dancin with YOU being ME living FREE...xoxo

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