Sunday, August 25, 2013

Receive Graciously. Give Graciously.

The abundance of life IS

The universe is constantly showering its graces

Upon us

Through us

Moment by moment

Breath by breath

This soul force cannot stop flowing

The truth

The beauty

The love

The grace

The hope

The peace

The miracles

IT must give

But we have a choice

Free will

Whether we want to receive it

In spite of us

IT will do what it must to get us out of our own way

Fated interventions

Wake up calls

But to enter this day

Consciously receiving all that IS



We are able to give graciously

To our Self

To others

To all of creation

Keeping the flow OPEN

Not damming up

Shutting down

Closing off

All that IS

All that wants to express through us

As us

The truth of who we are

We are enlivened

With a sense of purpose

That is far beyond the work we do

Or the roles we play

It is a vibration of LOVE

That is the heavens bursting through us

Leaping into the hearts of others

Inspiring actions

Awakening dreams

Revealing miracles


That pour light from the skies

We are connected

We are One

We are known

We know all

To deny our Self the gifts

Not receiving the bounty

Creates malnourishment

Disconnecting from the Great Creator

From our Self

From our family and friends

It is natural to receive

To allow the blessings

With open hearts

With open hands

With every inhale

We receive

With every exhale

We give

When we are fed

We cannot NOT feed others

The invitation this day is to RECEIVE graciously

So you can GIVE graciously

Knowing abundance IS ever-present, ever-flowing…

A rhythm of life

An exchange of energy

That fuels the Passion.

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