Thursday, August 8, 2013

How was your day?!

Such a simple question

Which connects us

Heart to heart

Someone cares

Wanting to know

How you are

How was your day

Such a generous act

To reach out to another

Human to human

Hand in hand

Making our way

Through the muck

And the wonder

Of each passing day.


When I begin a session or see a friend or even strangers who I meet throughout the day, I ask:  How are you?  Sometimes this question stirs up emotions as the response bubbles up, surprising the person as the truth emerges, their soul bared – out there and vulnerable – a gift from the gods as they are ready to go where they have never gone before.  Sometimes this question moves us into auto-pilot as we say:  Fine.  Good.  Great.  It matters not how others respond, there is a generosity in asking:  How are you?  and caring enough to listen, heart to heart, human to human, hand in hand as we make our way together through the muck and wonder found in each passing day.

The other evening, I got a text from a dear friend:  How was your day?!  My heart instantly swelled and I wept which surprised the hell out of me.  It had been a wonderful day so there was no cause for the emotions other than I felt the connection, the love of another wanting to know how I am and how my day was.  My response was Today is the best day ever for a million reasons including your beautiful text and for no reason at all – just because I am alive, here, in this moment.  I wanted my friend to know she was cause for happiness, for making my life rich even through this seemingly simple question, a profound act of kindness.

The invitation this day is to never underestimate your impact on this world and in the lives of others.  With an open heart, with sincerity ask:  How are you?  How was your day? and take a moment to listen.  There is nothing you need to fix if the person is actually in crisis.  Just be with them.  Bearing witness to another is a gracious act whether they are in the pain of life or in the joy.  And don’t forget to tune in to your Self and ask:  How am I (really?!)?  How was my day?  and use the information to make choices that bring more goodness your way. 

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