Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Sacred Dance of Soul Companions


Beyond common interests

Beyond shared history

Beyond convention

Beyond reason

Our world

Collides with another

The familiarity undeniable

The connection instant

The easiness unparalleled

The timing not of this realm





A dance so sweet

It must be soul.


There are those we travel a lifetime with – some are part of our family of origin and some we meet in childhood sharing history and roots – but some swoop into our lives and there is a richness beyond interpretation as if we know each other in a way that there is no way we should.  These soul companions usher us into our Self in ways that no one else can, expanding us with an exchange that awakens us, lighting the way to new paths within us and within the world.  We know there is nothing we have done to make this happen, a connection so deep that it can’t be boxed into the concept of friendship or an understanding on purely a human level.  We rest in each other’s presence, dancing a sacred dance that surprises us with a divine playfulness, an intimacy in the laughter, the tears, the words – all that is shared.  We are home with each other, an easiness that we have craved all of our lives and here it is nourishing us and freeing us.  This makes no sense and yet, it makes perfect sense when we drop into the silence of our heart.  So mystical.  So lovely.  So sacred.  A dance so sweet it must be soul. 

Beyond our human nature that wants to grasp, to hang on as tight as we can in an attempt to keep this connection.  Soul companions are with us as long as we need them.  Some encounters mere moments that are so profound we are transformed instantly.  Some experiences are seasonal, bringing inspiration and mirroring possibilities for our own life hatching. Some we dance with for years, the tempo shifting but the depth remaining so glorious we must say thank you all day long.   

The invitation this day is to thank the heavens for the sacred dance of soul companions and their angelic role in our lives, calling more of us to come forward and take a bow, reminding us that we matter and we are loved, and standing with us unconditionally wherever we are in any given moment.

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