Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What Comes First?


The expression:

What comes first

The chicken or the egg?

Gives us pause

To soak up the wisdom

It offers…

To be happy for no reason

Brings forth

A million reasons to be happy

But often

We fool our Self

Believing we must have this or that

Before we can be happy

Creating conditions

Instead of allowing the gifts

Which exist right here

In this moment

Even when things aren’t going our way

When life isn’t perfect

And we come to see

The power of our attitude

The way we view life

With gratitude or disappointment

And the undeniable effect

On this grand journey

We call life.


I was catching up with a friend yesterday, telling her how amazing the team at my condo building is and all the help they lend each day and then, I moved on to all the wonderful people who I have crossed paths with whether just briefly or those who I get to enjoy time with regularly.  I was explaining the inspiration I feel not just from the artists but the people doing what they do living their lives with zest that is palpable.  Summing my life up, I said:  I am just in awe.  She responded:  Awwww…good…you realize though it is you that is creating all of this because you are so grateful.

Hearing these words from my friend, I sipped them in as she was speaking the truth.  I do live in such gratitude that I didn’t even pause to think about why my life is truly wonderful come what may.  It made me think of the inquiry:  What comes first the chicken or the egg? and how easy it is to wait, to delay our joy longing for life to be a certain way, for the stars to line up as we want them to.  This is a natural human response to want what we want when we want it.  Oh, but it is divine to stop our minds from placing all these conditions on our life and give thanks for what is, right here and now.  The effect our attitudes have whether we view life as disappointing or abundant is undeniable. 

Last week, I wrote the blog Today is the best day! and the feedback has been miraculous as people have been saying:  Today is the best day ever! all day long.  They have shared that their enthusiasm is at an all-time high as they feel so damn excited – again, for a million reasons and no reason in particular other than they are alive, here on this earth, living the dream awake.

The invitation this day is focus your attention on all the goodness.  Begin with breathing deeply into your body and letting it out, feeling in tune with your Self and the fact that you are here in this moment.  Take mental inventory of all those who make you feel damn good and drink in their smiling faces and the joy they ignite in you.  Listen to music that makes you dance from the inside out and by all means, DANCE! If you are feelin’ the groove.  Be sure to consciously take note of all the wonderful things in your life including the comfy bed and hot shower and cool lemonade or cold beer.  Life is damn good.  And Today is the best day ever!  It is.    

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