Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shake It UP!

To consciously enter this day

Shaking off yesterday

Shaking off all moments before this moment

Letting go

Freeing energy

Inviting play

Dancing to new songs






Loving life as it is

For all that it is

Loving our Self where we are

For all that we are

Understanding nothing stays the same

And not needing it to

We are OPEN to the abundance

That “is” us

That “is” our life

That “is” all life

Shaking, rattling, rolling

Hands in the air

Let out a WEEEEEE…

Bring on the JOY!


I was given a handmade Inner Spirit Rattle by two new friends.  It is magnificent!  It is shaped as a heart with shimmering tones of Earth, Sky and rainbow bleeding into each other filled with pebbles that bounce against the shell vibrating a soothing sound.  I paused to hold it and take it in grateful for their generosity.  Then, I started shaking it up and felt so much stirring from within as the power of sound and vibration is undeniable although it is often unacknowledged.  We were on our way to a concert along with everybody else in Nashville and the surrounding areas so we knew it would be packed.  In the play of the moment, I began to shake the rattle around us all saying:  let us to be free to play and keep the freaks away which made us laugh and lightened our hearts ready for a night of fun.

This morning, the message of the rattle has been:  Shake it up!  During a session, the conversation turned to shaking it up! whether it is physically, incorporating new moves in workouts or mentally, assessing beliefs that limit and hold us back from all we want and where we want to go now or emotionally, allowing feelings – letting them come and go – washing over us and freeing us as well as informing us or spiritually, playing with rituals like the rattle or tools that help us remember who we truly are, a soul expressing as a human who must hold both our humanity and divinity, walking this Earth while being assisted by the Heavens moment by moment, breath by breath. 

The session was so rich as the seas parted and new thoughts and ideas unlocked doors.  The person had been beating himself up for not being able to physically do all he thought he should do during his workouts even though he is constantly shaking it up, adding more challenges to push through limits.  And even though this pattern showed up in his physical workout, I know for sure that it shows up in every aspect of his life because the Zen saying:  How we do anything is how we do everything speaks the truth.  Everything shifted, abundance flowed as he changed perspective and adopted the attitude:  I consciously enter this day and meet myself wherever I am, shaking off yesterday – not expecting more of my Self than I am able to give – letting go of perfection that is rigid and uninspired – remembering I do this for my joy and greater good not to make myself feel less than.

The invitation this day and every day is to shake it up! so you can shake off your yesterdays, any moments before this moment, letting go, freeing energy, inviting play, dancing to new songs that lie in your heart that are ever-inspiring, emerging, surprising and enlivening with great delight.  Shake off all that keeps you from loving life as it is, for what it is, from loving your Self where you are, as you are.  Understand that nothing stays the same so doing the same old, same old keeps us plugged into energies of the past when the true power lies right here, in this moment.  Open to the abundance that is your life, that is you, that is all life.  Shake, rattle and roll…hands in the air…find your way to JOY in living.  Be okay with screaming and closing your eyes terrified of what is next as the roller coaster which is life twists, turns and takes us upside down.  But show up wherever you are.  Be present to the direct experience and let it shake you up!

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