Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Am I Strong Enough?

Yes. Yes. Yes!

I am strong enough

You are strong enough

We are strong enough

To stand with our feet rooted

In a strength so limitless & vast

It knows we are a Mountain

In physical form

Infused with the mystical

Both breakable

And unbreakable

All experiences

Fated interventions

Inviting us to go where we have never gone before

To the depths of Truth

Who we truly are

And all that lies within us

That longs to be acknowledged and freed

So it can be used

Instead of repressed

No one can take us there

It is a solo journey

To the soul

Waiting for permission for others to give us the okay

We will implode

Die while breath still pulses through our body

We will make those we love the villains in our Story

Resenting and growing bitter

But no one can betray us

Like we betray our Self

Making others responsible for our life and our choices

Forgetting our strength

Slumbering into cultural constraints

Following the herd instead of blazing our trail

Not exercising the power of choice.


Someone I met briefly was sharing that she is throwing a Pity Party for herself and a group of female friends who are over “weak ass men” who they pity because they aren’t strong enough to be their men, who can’t handle the women they are and feel intimidated by their strength.  I listened to her go on and on without jumping on the crazy train or joining in on the festivities.  I stood there staying composed even though I was secretly laughing my ass off at the absurdity of this.  Because I am single, she assumed that I am among the 40 something year old men haters who are searching for someone strong enough to be my man. 

I do love my girl, Sheryl Crow’s song:  Strong Enough To Be My Man, but I do not even think about or give energy as to who a man has to be to be with me.  I focus on my own strength, what lies within me and all that I am and remind myself that I am strong enough to be who I am – perhaps, too much at times – not likeable to all.  And the miracle of this is I am okay with not being liked by everyone as long as I honor my Self and don’t repress my Self to conform or to fit what someone needs me to be.  All I have to be is me.  I simply cannot follow the herd or slumber in the cultural constraints.  I must blaze my own trail!  Some will come along with me and some simply cannot.  I know this and accept this and feel disappointed when cherished relationships come to pass.

Looking outside of our Self for permission to stand as the mountains we are, in strength beyond measure that lies in the depths of us, we will surely be disappointed.  We will resent those around us for not giving us what only we alone can give our Self.  The bitterness will make our energy soupy and dense, deadening us while breath still pulses through our bodies.  Those we love whether it is the men or women we choose to partner with or friends and family will become the villains in our Story when we forget the strength that lies within, making them responsible for our life and choices.  No one can betray us like we betray our Self when we fail to stand in who we are, giving our Self permission to be free and soar through this ever-expanding adventure.

The invitation this day is to remind your Self that YOU are strong enough!  As we change and shift and grow, others will feel threatened.  While it is important to honor their feelings around the changes, we must stand in our strength and do what we must to free the new.  Repressing will be the death of us and certain death to the relationship as bitterness and resentment strangle the life out of what was.  Waiting for others to understand where we are or give us permission to soar, we will die holding our breath.  Exercise your power of choice and tap into the vast and limitless strength that lies within and holds you in moments when you feel breakable and moments when you feel unbreakable.  This is YOUR life!          

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