Thursday, August 1, 2013

Today is the BEST DAY!

The power of words

Of Self Talk

To invite

To awaken

To remember

The beauty of each day

Is unparalleled

As there is no greater gift

Than acknowledging the TRUTH:

Today is the BEST DAY

Every day is the BEST DAY

Because we are here



A week or so ago, while chatting with a friend, I heard myself say aloud:  Today is the best day ever!  It was rainy outside and I had no plans igniting this excitement and enthusiasm but the passion poured from this truth making that day and every day:  The best day ever!!! 

One could argue that milestones throughout my life were the best day ever and I would agree; but I would add that every single day is the best day ever!  This truth doesn’t take away from those grand events; it acknowledges those big moments as well as the small moments – all of which are magnificent.  It helps us remember that every day is precious so we must extract the beauty, the goodness that is present no matter what.

My late-husband, John, used to say aloud every day, calling me when one of us was traveling to remind me:  There will never be another day just like this one so enjoy it!  He is no longer here on this earth, but I rest in the knowing that he saw that each day was the best day.  When my last breath is taken, I want those who love me to rest in knowing that I loved life on life’s terms, for what it is, seeing the beauty even in the tragedies and giving thanks for this life all of my days.  To me, this is leaving the richest of legacies as it is grounded in truth, that which is eternal and can’t ever be diminished by outside forces that blow through like a tornado changing the external landscape. 

Today and all your days, I invite you to say over and over out loud:  Today is the best day!  And watch how this opens your eyes so you can see the best, the beauty in each day.  Choose to see the best in your Self, in others, in this day as this creates miracles in your life that will feed you in ways nothing else can.  Remember, today is the best day ever because you are here…you are alive.  Ahhhhhh….sip that in…breath by breath.      

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