Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wandering a New Path


There is wonderment

In wandering a new path

Within our Self

Within the world

Exploring where we have never been

Discovering more

Getting lost

Trusting our Self

Seeing what we have never seen

Finding our way

Resting in all we have gathered

As it is now a part of us

Ever so subtle

Ever so grand

The magnificence of life

Pouring through

Pulsing through

Enlivening our sense of being.


I headed out the door to run this morning and turned right instead of left.  Then, I saw another opening in the road and followed it until this bridge beckoned me to come and play on it.  As I climbed down, there were woods to my left that I just had to explore.  The creeks welcomed me as their waters hit the rocks.  The birds serenaded me and I thanked them for their songs.  The mud puddles had me jumping across them, delighting in every leap.  I came upon a golf course, quiet with no golfers in sight so I followed the paths around the greens soaking in the pristine beauty from the art of grooming required to create this fine sport.  Running under a tunnel, I felt my breath echo, my feet slap the earth.  Oh, in the silence of this day breaks the sound of my voice, my personal song, a depth that expresses where I am, who I am.  Passion ignited.  Here I am:  wandering a new path.  AWEsome.

The invitation this day is to wander a new path, do something different – one thing!  Even something that seems so little or insignificant, just do it.  See the wonderment in wandering.  See the beauty in the unknown, in the discovery.  Ever so subtle, ever so grand, feel the magnificence of life pouring through you, pulsing through you enlivening your sense of being.

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