Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Thousand Souls


Like pixie dust

Swirling within us

Spiraling around us

A Thousand Souls companion us

With each breath

All our days

Guiding us

Gracing us

Holding us

Loving us


Yet unseen to the naked eye

Becoming visible

As we cross

From this world

Into the next

But rest assured

They are here

Welcome them

Live in the Mystery

Feel them

Take their hand and walk this day

Super-charged by the Sacred union

Give thanks…

My mom had been in a coma for 4 days as she transitioned from this world into the next.  There were two occasions during this period where she called out - once to her mom who had been dead for 25 years and the other to my late-husband, John, who was still alive at the time but had not formally said his goodbyes to her.  There was such a vacuum of mystery we lived in for those 4 days, giving thanks for her body that had birthed us, singing her favorite hymns and oldies, praying the Rosary which had comforted her throughout her life, asking that she find peace and rest on the other side from her long illness over 14 years that had made her life unbearable the last 5 years.

There was no one more ready to meet her Maker than my mom.  I used to tease that she had “death envy” the last 5 years of her life.  Anytime that she found out someone had died, she would say:  That should be me! and she meant it.  When her beloved cousin, Mary Kathryn died, mom wept saying:  She promised to come and get me and we would go to Heaven together.  In her final hours of consciousness, like a child going on a trip, she asked me with great anticipation almost giggling with delight:  How much longer will it be? after I had told her that this was the beginning of her transition from body to spirit.  I explained that the exact moment of her transition would be between her and God but assured her that she would have no pain as we had a plan to administer morphine like clockwork and we would be here with her.

All of the family had been with her, holding vigil, basking in the transcendent love that we were privileged to experience on our mom’s death bed; but I was with her alone, sitting by her side holding her hand and facing her when her eyes shot open – they were translucent purple gems beaming with a thousand souls behind them.  I drank in this gift she was showing me, utterly awestruck at this mystery not often revealed until we our Self cross over.  Since that moment, I know that these souls not only usher into the next realm but escort us all of our days as we walk our path.  Every twist and turn, every high and every low, these souls are with us.  I rest in this truth.

The invitation this day is to welcome the guidance, the love, the wisdom, the grace the spirit world offers you.  Know with all of your heart that it is as real as the breath you breathe although it is equally invisible.  Imagine the pixie dust swirling within you and pulsing around you.  Take them by the hand and stand with their soul force infusing you with possibilities and joy and abundance this day.  Feel super-charged by this Sacred union.  Give thanks! 

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