Saturday, August 3, 2013

Let your life Speak


Let your life speak

Reflecting the essence of who you are

The joy

The hope

The grace

The peace

The love

That is YOU

Expressing uniquely

As you show up for life

In this sacred dance

Doing what you do

Being all that you are

Holding nothing back

Bursting with the passion

A soul on fire for life

Taking the good with the bad

Holding the paradox

Grateful for this most precious gift

A magnificent adventure so grand

That it pulses with possibilities

Breath by breath

Day by day

This is your life

Let the curtain rise

Clearing anything obstructing the beauty

Take a bow.


Often, we are out of balanced, focused more on the external, believing our worth is solely measured by what we do; identified more by our work, our roles, how others see us than by the internal, remembering the truth of who we are, creatures of soul expressing uniquely as each of us.  The Quaker theologian and philosopher, William Penn, wrote: Let your life speak and the wisdom of this invitation continues to remind me that whatever we do in this world speaks to the essence of who we are.  Beyond an idea of how I should be living, the energy that I show up in, moment by moment, speaks in ways I can recognize and ways I simply cannot. 

To wake up each day acknowledging the gift that you are, the miracle of your life and live from that space ignites the passion within that is always there waiting for us to connect to it, use it and let it speak through us.  In this energy of truth, we can hold nothing back as passion bursts from us, souls on fire, doing what we do, being all that we are, enjoying the ride of this human journey which certainly will break our hearts and disappoint us AND fill our hearts beyond measure and excite the hell out of us with surprises that delight us in magical ways.

The invitation this day is to let your life speak of the love, the hope, the grace, the peace, the joy – the truth of who you are.  Take the good with the bad.  Hold the paradox.  Give thanks all day long.  Feel the possibilities for your life pulse through you:  mind, body, heart and soul.  Remember that this is your life, your magnificent adventure:  breath by breath, moment by moment, day by day.  Let the curtain rise, clearing anything obstructing the beauty you are, the wonder of this life and take a bow.

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