Saturday, August 17, 2013

Moon Bathing


She called me to her

At the end of a magnificent day

Tired to the bone

Yet exhilarated

Packing up

Traveling through the hills

Visiting with friends on the dock

Skiing West Fork

Preparing kabobs on the grill.

Like a mother

Inviting me to rest in her

Soak up her wisdom

I made my way to the top of the houseboat

Lying there with my belly full

My heart overflowing

Swaddled in a fuzzy blanket

Stretched across a lounge chair

Breathing in the night’s chilly air.

She whispered silently

Soul to soul

Dripping her love ever so subtly

Gently rocking me

Healing that which I didn’t know needed healed

I wept

Tears of gratitude and awe

For this moment

Communing with her

Connecting with my Self

Right here

In the infinity of Life.

Her glow was blossoming

As if she were delighting as much as me

The way soft giggles

Put the pink in our cheeks

From the warmth of our heart revealed physically

There is an intimacy between us

As we joined forces long ago

 In my childhood

My head in the window sill

Engaging her

Letting her mystery infuse me

Singing to her:

I see the moon and the moon sees me

God bless the moon and God bless me!

She knows me

And I know her

In ways I could never explain

And wouldn’t even try

As this is Sacred

Between us

Two old friends

Bathing in the joy

Of our dance.

She is preparing for her full expression

On the 20th of this month

Reminding me of the cycles

The rhythms

The web of Life

Each of us

Invisibly woven into the other

Affected by the whole of the cosmos

A great mystery

That cannot be figured out

However far we go



So I bow to it

Play with it

Let it play me.


The invitation this day is to allow a few moments to connect with nature and let it take you to the depths of your Self.  Breathe in the Truth.  Heal in her love.  Let nature whisper her secrets.  Speak to her as she can contain it all – the messiest crap and the most poetic.  She doesn’t need pleasantries or politically correctness – she is fierce and can hold ALL of you if you dare to let her - surrender to her mystical forces beyond our humanness.    Ahhhh…Moon bathing…simple yet profound.

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