Friday, August 9, 2013

Finding YOUR Brew


Gliding across the water

On the edge of a ski

Running down a dirt road

Just to see where it leads

Riding across country

With the pulse of the road

Vibrating on two wheels

Swimming under the waterfall

Letting them shower you with their magic

Meditating on the balcony

As the sun pops up over the horizon

Slapping a puck across the ice

With a force so great it rattles your bones

Leaping in the air

Landing on point

And going right back up

Playing catch in the back yard

Placing pen to paper because you must

Singing at the top of your lungs

Painting a masterpiece as you sip wine

Baking peach cobbler to add to your ice cream

Hiking a trail that ignites your pioneering spirit

Laying in the grass watching the sky

Greeting the stars as the night comes…

WELCOME the Inspiration

FIND your special brew

THIS is YOUR life.


Life is so inspiring.  It is.  Each of us has our own special brew that reminds us it is damn good to be alive even on our shittiest days, when things don’t line up as we want them to causing frustration.  To acknowledge that life can suck AND it is still good allows us to be present to wherever where are in any moment, to let go and to keep on reaching for more instead of staying stuck in the unfavorable circumstances that dull our sense of joy and aliveness.
I am truly inspired by those I share my life with which includes strangers I observe on the streets, soaking in how they show up for life and their special brew that ignites the passion for living.  I am a sports fan and watching the athletes tuned in doing what they do fuels me and my life not because I want to play football or hockey but the passion is palpable, the fire contagious.  There isn’t one way to come alive as each of us is uniquely wired and must discover those things that lead us to the well of joy, the eternal fire within that makes life a magnificent adventure moment by moment, day by day. 

Although we are all as a whole: mind, heart, body and soul.  Some of us are more physical than others.  Some of us need more down time, time alone in the quiet while others need to be out in the world enlivened by the hustle and bustle.  Some of us are risk-takers whose spirits are squelched in ruts and lack of spontaneity while some of us need more conventional routines and paths.  Some go to depths that scare the shit out of others.  It is all good.  One is not better than the other.  It is knowing your Self and the special brew that you need to feel engaged, to feel plugged into your sense of passion for living.    

I had a group of friends at the lake who had never been there.  Watching them swim under the 76 Falls, morphing into 12 year olds before my eyes lit my heart up.  Their joy was my joy.  I went to see friends, The Wheeler Sisters, perform at Tooties’.  Watching them on stage, singing their hearts out and sprinkling their magic, I couldn’t stop dancing the rest of the night.  Their joy was my joy.  Watching a friend play hockey, fully in his body, skating effortlessly with unparalleled strength and force, I felt the force of possibilities hatching within me.  His joy was my joy.  Reading a friend’s manuscript, sipping in the wisdom, the poetry of her ability to language, I rested in a warmth that stoked my creative fires.  Her joy was my joy.  Listening to friends, Lance and LeAnna, who are singer/songwriters spontaneously begin to write songs, playing off of phrases we spoke, seeing where it all led – not knowing where they were going but delighting in the process.  Their joy is my joy.  And my joy is their joy.  The effect we have on each other is powerful beyond measure!

The invitation this day is to find your special brew.  Observe your Self and those around you.  Appreciate how you and others show up for life and how life expresses uniquely through each of us.  Tune in to what makes you feel alive, what reminds you it is damn good to be here in this world on this journey come what may.   Welcome the inspiration life has to offer right here and now.  This is YOUR LIFE.  Love it.

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