Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You Made My Day!!!!


It is proof

That the seemingly “little” things

In life

Are actually BIG

As they leave us


With Joy

With Excitement

With Wonderment

With Gratitude

With Love

With Hope

With Connection

And not to dismiss the BIG moments

Wedding days


Buying a home

Moving day

Buying a car


Opening day at the ball park

Starting a new venture

And so on

But the moments of each day

Hold the possibilities

For BIGness

Where just by being who we are

We make the day of another

And hearing them say:


Or reading it on a card

Or receiving it via text or email


As we feel a sense of our truest purpose

Which is to give our Self away generously

Sharing our Self

And to receive what others offer

Allowing the exchange of life

It is in giving that we receive

And in receiving that we give

Both are essential

Withholding love

Withholding appreciation

Withholding our Self

Disconnects us from others and life




This is a Sacred Dance

That makes each day and all life Holy

Go ahead:

MAKE someone’s day


FEEL your day blossom

Go ahead:

Allow someone to make your day


FEEL your heart sing.


I have a card sitting on my counter that simply says:  You made my day. Just reading those words lights me up with a flow of energy that is pure goodness, excitement, wonderment, gratitude and awe.  It is evidence that the seemingly “little” things in life are so damn big.  Whatever I did that compelled the person to send the card, I assure you I have received it back tenfold.  This was not my intention when I showed up in a moment offering my Self whether it was a kind word or something I wrote or did – it matters not.  I was just being me and in that exchange, I made someone’s day.  Now, that is the power that lies in each of us when we share our Self generously for the sheer joy in doing so.  And it isn’t possible to give and not receive as we are infused with a deep sense of our truest purpose which is to connect with our Self so we can connect with others.

Last week, I texted a friend after viewing a masterpiece he had created, standing in front of it, soaking it up and being touched by the soul expressing through him and his art.  I was inspired and just had to let him know.  In the middle of a busy morning, I stopped and took a few minutes to type a message thanking him for his work, acknowledging that I see him and how lucky I feel to know him and share this journey with him.  He immediately texted back:  You made my day!!!!  This reminded me that no matter how accomplished we are in life, no matter how old we are, we all want to be seen and known.  I didn’t expect the enthusiastic response I received but it made my day blossom as I felt my heart sing that comes from a depth of connection to my Self and others.

The invitation this day is to be who you are, sharing your Self generously and observe how you make someone’s day.  And stay open, receiving the generosity that others bestow on you making your day.  The movie:  It’s a Wonderful Life is one of my favorites of all times because it reveals the invisible connection that is and how our lives intertwine in ways we don’t recognize.  But to pause and recognize that you have the power to make someone’s day and others have the power to make your day is to see the sacredness of your life and all life.  We are holy.  We are vessels of hope, love, peace, joy, abundance, grace and all the miraculous energies that blow through our being.  You make the day of others – I assure you this is true even when it goes unsaid.  Stop to appreciate all those who make your day and give thanks, letting them know:  You made my day!!!!.  Let their generosity inspire your life!  

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