Monday, August 26, 2013

The BIGness of This Day, This Life!

May the BIGness

Of this Day

Of this Life

Of YOUR life

Echo through YOU

Breath by sacred breath

With both feet planted

And your heart raised to the Skies

Welcome ALL that you are

To dance

To sing

To play

To express in ways that surprise & delight YOU

This is YOUR life

Dream Big

Love Big

Dream new dreams

Live your way to your fullest expression

Love the unfolding

The challenges

The detours

The twists & turns

The victories

The summits

The miracles & graces

There is nothing small about you

Other than your misperception

That you are anything less than MAGNIFICENT

Dare to believe in the beauty you are

Dare to love the imperfections

Dare to be vulnerable enough to invite honest moments

Where you look at your Self

Here and now

Stripped of imprints written on you in the past

Knowing your Self

Remembering the song in your heart

Bowing to the beauty and truth

Nothing to seek

As it is ALL right here

Within you

Touch this sweetness

Connect to the essence of YOU

Be free

LIVE this dream AWAKE!


It is through the living of our lives that we are rich: present to the joy, present to the pain, being with it all breath by sacred breath.  Living this dream awake, conscious of the gift we have been given no matter what challenges, detours, twist or turns come our way – no matter what victories, summits, miracles and graces blow through our days.  Everything comes to pass but the one constant is the BIGness that is this day, this life, YOUR life.   

When we let the BIGness echo through us with both feet planted and our hearts raised to the skies, we welcome all that we are, allowing new dreams, new possibilities to express through us.  We allow the surprise of life to reveal more than we alone could ever have imagined.  There is nothing small about you only the misperception that you are anything less than magnificent.  Dare to be free of the imprints throughout your history that others have written on you and accept the truth and beauty of who you truly are.  There is nothing to seek.  Touch this sweetness that lies within you.  You are holy.  Listen to the song in your heart and let it sing through the living of your dream awake.

I awakened this day feeling the BIGness of this life, my life, your life and asked for the words to remind you of the beauty of your life; the passion that lies within you capable of fueling new dreams, a life so bountiful you will be nourished in a way you never believed was possible.  The enormity, the vastness, the limitless that exists within us and within all life is a vitality that springs forth, never ceasing, ever-present even in the seemingly ordinary moments; but this day, this life, your life is absolutely extraordinary simply because it is.

This invitation this day and every day is to welcome the BIGness that is this life, your life.  Acknowledge this truth.  Play BIG. Let it free you from the fear that holds your hopes and your dreams hostage.  Dream new dreams.  Dare to believe in what others would say is impossible.  Let nothing keep you from a life you love and feel lucky every single day to get to live.  Dream BIG.  Love BIG.  Live BIG.  Don’t hold back.  No one can keep you from the summits you long to reach except YOU.  The world needs your BIG joy in expressing YOU! 

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