Sunday, August 11, 2013

Just for Today


Just for Today

Let me remember the gift of my life

For in this, I see the gift of all life

Recognizing the beauty that “is”

No matter how messy or ugly

Just for Today

Let me be my own best friend

Instead of my own worst enemy

Understanding that my relationship with others and the world

Blossoms from my relationship with my Self

The love I give my Self

Pours into the hearts of all

Just for Today

Let me see the effect I have on others

How my life matters

So that I might see the effect others have on me

How their life matters

Honoring the sacred dance I am privileged to partake in

Appreciating how each of us dances together and separate

Just for Today

Let me move through life with a sense of reverence

Pausing to soak up the sacred in the seemingly mundane

Witnessing the miracles hatching big and small

Just for Today

Let me acknowledge the truth of who I am

For when I know who I am

I know all

Beyond the stories

Creatures of soul

Freeing my Self from the illusion that I am insignificant

Connecting at a depth that allows me to soar into limitlessness

Just for Today

Let me release all worry, doubt & fear

When it swiftly comes to visit

Walking in faith that all is okay even when it doesn’t feel okay

Knowing all is whole & perfect as I step into the infinite potential

Found in this moment, this breath, this day…

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