Friday, August 30, 2013

Harvesting the Bounty

This day

24 hours

1440 minutes

86,400 seconds

Holds the Bounty

If we are willing to Harvest it

To accept ALL that is

 The joy

The fun

The goodness

The wonders

The magic

The laughter

That springs from connection

To our Self

And to others

In the play of life

With open hearts

Receiving gratefully the gifts

We are

Others are

Life is

Richness beyond measure lies in each moment

Echoes through each breath

And vibrates out into the cosmos

Waves of Truth

Waves of Beauty

Pure goodness.


I arrived at the houseboat yesterday afternoon.  As I left Nashville, it was already hot! In the 90’s so I consciously breathed in the hotness, the balmy thick air, choosing to harvest the bounty of this summer day.  With my sunroof open, I let the scorching rays burst through feeling them on my forehead and arms.  I delighted in this as my cats do lying in the windows of my condo.  I am aware that this season will soon pass and I want to soak it up while it’s here.

Unloading my supplies for the long weekend into a barrel, I walked the dock about a half mile out to my slip.  Everyone I met along the way sighed, grumbling about the heat but I stayed committed to harvesting the bounty, the beauty of the day offering my view:  Well, soon the waters and the air will chill, turn cold and we will long for this day so I am gonna’ bask in it all – all weekend long.  Some agreed.  Some still grumbled.  I let them be while I stayed in my lane, understanding fully that there will never be another day just like this one so I want to enjoy it.

My clothes were soaked as I unloaded my stuff into the houseboat so I grabbed a bottle of water, put on my bikini, slathered tons of sunblock on my body and plunged into the lake.  Ahhhhh….this is heaven on earth.  The sun still intense, I swam the back channel playing mermaid tuning in to the waters, the skies, the trees, the rocks, the fish, the birds, the bounty that surrounded me.  My heart leapt giving thanks for the day, the moment knowing this is my life and the attitude I choose creates the miracles, the wonders, allowing me to harvest what is.  Moving from my core, my center, I felt my arms and fingers pull through the waters in connection with the force of my legs and feet fully engaged in the play of life.

A few hours later, my sister and her husband arrived with another couple so I headed over in the ski boat to pick them up.  They jumped right in the fun, feeling the magic of the day alive within each of us and collectively.  I told them that I was gonna’ enjoy every minute of the hot-ass weekend, every ounce of sweat dripping off my nose and into my eyes and intended to bake myself on the sundeck and let the waters cool me.  The laughter ensued and didn’t stop all evening until we called it a night exhausted from the pure goodness we squeezed out of every moment.

The invitation this day is harvest the bounty of life available to you!  This bounty is ever-present each moment if you choose to welcome it, allow it, see it, create it, enjoy it.  Like apples on a tree ripe for the pickin’, the bounty is here and now not someday, not when everything lines up perfectly or as you think it should.  Be present.  Connect with your Self so you can connect with others in this dance.  Choose the attitude of gratitude.  Take a bite of this juicy life bursting with sweetness that will feed and nourish you as nothing else can.       

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