Monday, August 12, 2013

This is My Offering


Clarity comes

Truth is alive

Enthusiasm infuses us

Possibilities hatch

Beauty blossoms

Everything expands

As we see fully

That there is nothing

Nothing we can manufacture

Nothing we can pretend or try to be

That is as great or profound or powerful

As being

Who we truly are

Showing up for the days of our lives


Who I am

All that I am

THIS is my offering.


The slogans, the mantras, the book titles shouting:  Good, better, best never let it rest till the good gets better and the better gets best!  Live your best life!  Never settle for less than your best! are meant to motivate us, inspire us to reach for more, to stay open to possibilities and don’t stop believing; but often, they feed our insecurities as humans believing at some level we are not enough, inadequate as we are and must prove our worth over and over and over again, stripping away the truth that our greatest offering is knowing all that we truly are and showing up in this energy, grounded with a sense of Self:  This is my offering.    

When I think of the grand variety of people I have experienced throughout my days, I love them all.  I do.  But the ones that have inspired me most had split from the cultural herd that wanted to dictate who they were and simply stood in all that they are.  Unable to manufacture a false Self, no longer able to pretend or to try to be who they think they should be, they stood gloriously as individuals, souls on fire fueled by passion in being here on this journey.  Freedom was theirs.  And in their freedom, I was free.  Their offering was their Self and this was enough. 

We often identify so much with what we do for work or what we think we should be that we fail to see that This, who we are, is our greatest offering.  Standing in this truth, what we do is inspired to heights unknown before, to limitlessness, with a sense of joy unparalleled as passion ignites a dance orchestrated from the depths of who we are.  The song says:  This is my offering…clarity comes…truth is alive…enthusiasm pulses through our being…possibilities hatch…beauty blossoms…everything expands as we see the cage door is open and fly through to freedom that makes life rich.

The invitation this day is to say silently over and over:  This is my offering.  Who I am, all that I am is my offering.  Notice the shift in your energy as you tune in to the truth, as you stand in the magnificence you are knowing this is everything – this is more than enough and will always be more than enough.  Let this energy infuse all that you do.

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