Thursday, August 29, 2013

The FLOW of Life...

Dreams hatching

Not knowing where they will lead us

But daring to set sail because we must

Into the great unknown voyage

The seas unpredictable

We face storms

We experience rest in a depth of calm

Graces veil us

Protect us from fears

That threaten to sabotage

Hold us back

Stop the flow of life

Stop the flow of this BIG LOVE




Expressing through us


The fleeting moments of our adventure here

We step into the now

Completely surrendered

Willing to accept the dance

Allowing the soul to be nourished

Quenching a thirst to fulfill our destiny

One with the love

One with the Great Creator

One with the Source

One with the soul force of the Universe

Feeling the Aliveness

Within us

Within all life

Announcing:  Here I am!

I am the abundance of Life FLOWING

JOY is mine.


When I speak, I tell the story of my Nanny, Mary McGinley McHugh.  She had dreams for her life that were not in line with the dreams her parents had for her.  They had arranged a marriage for her to a farmer who was a widower with 5 kids.  Listening to the call of her soul that knew pleasing her parents would create a life of misery for her, she set sail for America with a dream in her heart.  In order to stay and do what was expected of her by her family, she would have had to stop the flow of life – not being who she was and denying her dreams.  Her voyage into the unknown where she faced great storms and a depth of calm that comes from being alive, in the flow of life continues to inspire my own soul’s journey.
Recalling the moment of clarity that came when I walked into my home in Brownsburg, Indiana and knew the dream there had been lived, had been played out and if I stayed, I would wither in the comforts of that life.  It is time.  I was moving to Nashville, Tennessee because I simply had to and there was no way to explain this as there was nothing reasonable about this choice.  It was the call of my soul.  My soul is not wired to play it safe.  I am here to voyage into limitlessness, dipping my toe into new waters and plunging into waters to see where they lead.  This is who I am. 

Dreaming new dreams is letting life flow through me like the very breath I sip in without thought.  This is a natural state for all of us even though we have very different dreams and wants for our lives.  When we see the dreams of others realized, we can use their life as inspiration to know what is possible for us.  If we feel jealous or can’t be happy for others even judging their wants and desires, this comes from a place of lack within us.  We have stopped the flow of our own life, not allowing the love, the abundance that is to spring through us, hatching dreams, engaging us in this dance of life that enlivens and morphs and grows until our last breath.  When we are flowing with life, we embody this big love that cannot NOT be happy for others, wishing everyone pure goodness each day.

The invitation this day is to look at where you have closed yourself off to the flow of life through old beliefs and patterns, through being tethered to the past still stuck in guilt and shame as well as blame and bitterness.  Find a way to open, to flow again, moving with life here and now, where you can dream new dreams, create a life you love and give thanks for the gift you are and this life is. Breaking free from the self-imposed cages we unconsciously create, we soar to heights that shock the hell out of us and nourish our soul that longs to be fed through expressing as us in this lifetime.  Lucky us!   

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