Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The SONG Within Us


Amazing Grace

Echoing through the song which is my life

Connected to all life

Vibrating through my Presence

My voice

My words

My actions

Orchestrating that which I can see

And that which I can’t

But when I trust this Soul force to do what it does

I can let go of how I think things should be

And allow the LOVE in this moment

To soothe me

To heal me

To fill me

 To inspire me

To awaken dormant dreams

To ignite the passion within me

To help me remember the TRUTH of all that I am

So I can ENJOY being who I am

Come what may

Knowing that even when life doesn’t feel so good



I am filling my space finding homes on the walls slowly but surely for my art.  One of my favorite pieces has the Chinese Proverb:  A bird doesn’t sing because it has the answers.  It sings because it has a song.  This speaks to the simple truth of the magnificence of our existence, how we matter beyond our ability to comprehend and that our song is our life connected to all life.  There is truly nothing to prove only life to live and in living our life, we give generously without trying.  We are here to express our song and discover the joy in doing this no matter what life brings; and even when life hands us our asses, there is beauty in how we meet that which we would never wish for especially when we dare to let it be ugly, allow the truth of the experience to touch us, cut into us so we might free more of who we truly are. 

There is an undeniable amazing grace that blows through each moment, orchestrating events to soothe us, heal us, fill us, inspire us, awaken dormant dreams, ignite the passion for living, and help us remember the truth of all that we are so we can enjoy being who we are come what may; knowing that even when life doesn’t feel so good, it is damn good.

The invitation this day and every day is to pause, breathe deliberately and gently through your nose.  Come into this moment…this moment…this moment, breath by breath…continue to sip in the moments consciously connecting to your Self, the higher Self, the wisdom within, the soul, your inner spirit.  Touch that well of love within you that always exists.  Let it speak to you the Truth of who you are so you might hear your song.  Let it wash away all that you are not.  Let it inspire new life, new choices, new energies ready to dance you.  Let it show you more of you:  more LOVE, more PASSION, more JOY, more PEACE than you knew existed.  Know with all of your heart that within lies your treasure and it may appear buried at times but you can always excavate it, open the chest and see the beauty of your life.  There is enough LOVE in this moment fueled by amazing grace to heal all of the moments when you could not feel this love.  Welcome this.  Give thanks.  Allow the miracles to awaken you from the slumber so you may be enlivened feeling the vitality, the springs within flowing, expressing as YOU.

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