Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jennie DeVoe: A Magical Adventure!

A creative life, bringing through what must come forward requires 
honest moments, going where most cannot go, a willingness to be raw and stand naked before the world so the soul can sing
songs that only you can sing.
It aint all glamour but those who dare this life GIFT us, FEED us and INSPIRE us as they take us into a magical adventure.

It is my pleasure to be friends with Jennie DeVoe, a true Indiana treasure.  She is an old school entertainer and artist extraordinaire with the brilliance of comedians like Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball, with the unique physical beauty of stars like Audrey Hepburn who are lit from within from an innocence that pours from their hearts, and with the genius of a poetic lyricist who embodies every word taking us into the depths of our Self as she surrenders to the magic that bursts through her voice. 

Jennie just returned from England where she worked on her new album and has bestowed me with the honor of listening to the unfinished tracks.  I am blown away at where she has gone and what she has brought through.  She was joking that she has a "writing problem" because she had over 50 songs that she would weave into her 14 track album.  She makes this process seem easy but as her friend, I have witnessed her go where most simply cannot - not because we are less than her but some are born to go into their Self in a deeper way and take us with them through the expression of their artistry.  It aint all glamour but life on the surface would starve her, cut her off from her Self and her connection to all life. 

I can't stop listening to the album as it is gifting me, feeding me and inspiring me through a magical adventure like no other because it is like no other; it is her soul expressed magnificently, going where she has never gone before and taking me with her.  I am grateful as I soak it up like a dry sponge thirsty for water.

What comes to mind is Grandma Moses, Anna Mary Moses, the American painter who didn't pick up a brush until she was 77 years old.  When asked near the end of her 101 year life if she had never painted what she would have done, she simply yet profoundly responded:  I would have raised chickens.  It's all art.

Each of us is an artist of our own life whether we are waitresses, farmers, moms, dads, professionals - it matters not what we do but how we show up and dare to express our Self throughout our life.  Knowing it's all art makes life an ever-evolving masterpiece as each day unfolds more and more, adding to the texture and depth of us. 

I write this in appreciation and in awe of each artist that walks this earth.  THANK YOU for expressing the beauty that you are!

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