Thursday, March 21, 2013

Meeting Moses

Everywhere I go,
I meet the coolest people.
It never ceases to surprise and delight me
as I receive the gifts bestowed on me in these often brief connections.
The orchestration of life is weaved into each of us
expressing uniquely and brilliantly!

Several years ago, I was downtown Indianapolis, heading into Nordstrom's to do some Christmas shopping when I met eyes with this man leaning against the building outside on a biting winter day.  He said:  Hi!  I am Moses.  And I told him that it was nice to meet him and shook his hand introducing myself:  I am Kathy.  He explained to me how he got the name Moses:  There is a preacher with this church down the way that I work with to help my people.  They started calling me Moses because I lead my people by helping them find the warmest places to sleep - I know all the spots and I get them blankets and food and whatever I can. 

I stood there in awe of this man with the presence of a true leader, oozing charisma with his thousand-watt toothless smile.  The whites of his eyes were red from being out in the harsh elements but there was a sincerity in them that made me want to weep, that made me want to be like him and live with such heart and passion.  We stood there in a vacuum and I soaked in his wisdom saying to him:  There is no doubt in my mind that you are Moses because you embody the energy that he possessed.  You are an inspiration to me and to all with your ability to serve those in need.  I came here to shop for Christmas gifts and you are my gift.  Thank you.  And I went on about my day with a deep appreciation for Moses, for my own life and for all who travel this journey as my sense of abiding purpose was heightened.

In order to receive the gifts that others have to bestow on us, we must be present.  We all matter.  We do.  And we are all in this together.  Be present to the direct experiences that life brings your way and soak up the gifts - pay attention to how enlivened and connected you feel.  And never doubt for one moment that you bestow your gifts in a thousand little ways throughout each day of your life - just by being YOU.  It is a privilege to be a part of life's orchestration.  Let's Dance!

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