Thursday, March 14, 2013

When You Complain, LISTEN!

ALL human responses, reactions and behaviors
including COMPLAINING are trying to tell us something.
If we LISTEN, we can use the information instead of just creating a habit that keeps us stuck in old patterns that no longer serve us.

A friend shared that after hearing a lecture from a TV preacher on why we shouldn't complain, she was trying to stop because she felt it was negative.  I respectfully disagreed with her and the preacher that complaining is negative because I view it simply as information.  When we complain, if we listen, there is crucial information trying to guide us into making different
choices.  When we hear our Self complain, freedom is a choice away. But sometimes, it takes us complaining for a long, long time, before we listen and act; and that's okay too.  This is all part of the human journey.

All human responses, reactions and behaviors serve us even complaining and if we pay attention, don't go to sleep at the wheel and live the answers to What is this trying to tell me? we will be set free over and over and over again. 

My friend was actually shaming herself instead of listening - I should be grateful that I have a job in this economy even though my boss is psychotic throwing tantrums and sucking my energy like a vampire day in and day out and I have heart palpitations all day long and I feel like I am 100 years old and I am actually starting to look it and I started smoking again to take the edge off and drink a bottle of wine at the end of every day...

The complaining was telling her to RUN like hell and exercise her power to choose but she couldn't hear this because she was stuck in the chaos, fear and way of living.  I get it!  I have ridden on the crazy train a time or two or ten and I am sure I will find myself back on it again.  Friends tried to tell me to jump but I couldn't do it until I was ready.  Knowing this, I repeated what I heard her saying, I reminded her that she deserved better and let her know that she had choices.

Instead of judging your responses as negative and trying to control them, I invite you to welcome all it has to say.  LISTEN!  Trust your innate wisdom even in the ugliest responses, the behaviors that you wouldn't want anyone to see.  When we bring everything into the light, out into the open, we can make choices that honor our needs and help us to live consciously, joyously and deliberately.

Judge Nothing.  But LISTEN closely!

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