Saturday, March 9, 2013

No BSing Myself...

There will always be moments where we see what was NOT visible before and this makes life an ADVENTURE into more of our Self!
NO BSing, our ability to observe our Self - our choices (why we do what we do), beliefs, thoughts, actions, the way we show up in any given moment - gives us the power to consciously choose instead of doing what we have always done because we are asleep at the wheel as we drive through life. 

On my last trip to Nashville, Tennessee, I ordered a non-alcoholic beer because although I no longer drink alcohol, I enjoy the taste of a nice cold beer every now and then.  The waiter brought me my beer and said, "I heard that if you drink like 6 of these you can get a buzz off them due to the trace amounts of alcohol they contain."  I let him know that I have a no BS policy with myself so if I wanted a buzz, I would order a regular beer instead of pretending.  He laughed along with me as I added that really, as I see it, the only person I owe the truth is myself because only I have the power to make choices for my life. 

I began a journaling exercise 10 yrs ago:  TELL THE FU%&ING TRUTH which has helped me not BS myself by grounding in my Truth so I can bring it out of the shadow and into the light.  After all these years, I live this throughout my days as I consciously make choices not labeling them good or bad, right or wrong but simply staying aware.  Sometimes, I choose to eat peanut butter m&m's by the handfuls or party sized bags, knowing that they are something I use to manage feelings around missing the sweetness in life that was my beloved John.  In the awareness of the choice, I remove the shame game and actually eat them occasionally instead of eating so many that I feel sick from the sugar overload. 

Shame perpetuates destructive patterns.  No BSing myself  removes the shame and gives me permission to be an empowered woman who makes her own life choices not a child hiding out of fear of ridicule and judgement.  If I am going to do something, I do it.  I own it.  I take 100% responsibility for my life because living in denial or blaming others feels crappy and doesn't serve me.

Not being a fan of perfection as the pursuit of this unattainable ideal
has wreaked havoc on my life.  I put down the bat, refusing to beat myself up and befriending myself no matter what with complete understanding and compassionate care.   I acknowledge the truth with humor, welcoming my humanness and viewing myself as the best entertainment.  Silly girl!  Remember how this pound of m&m's feels in your stomach so next time, you will eat to ENJOY them not DESTROY you. 

NO BSing!  is a liberation walk.  I invite you to let go of the need to do things right and meet yourself with unconditional kindness as you observe yourself and the choices you make throughout your days.  Take 100% responsibility for your life.  If you want to do the journaling exercise, write on the top of the page:  TELL THE FU$%ING TRUTH!  and release your personal truth about an event that has you in knots or circumstances or where you feel stuck.  The page can contain all that pours out of you without judgement.  The page will mirror the beauty found in your truth.  Pay attention to how good, how alive, how light you feel in your mind, body, heart and soul. 

The TRUTH will set you FREE!

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