Sunday, March 3, 2013

Carve Your Blessings in Stone

Write your troubles in the sand. 
Carve your blessings in stone.
A sign with this saying was hanging on a friend's wall.  I had never heard it before but the truth of it resonated with me so deeply that I wanted to share it.
Oh, the power of GRATITUDE to lighten our hearts and FREE us...

We have all heard, "This too shall pass," acknowledging that the troubles we face today will fade as life moves on, tomorrows come and go clearing the old and bringing in the new.  Admittedly, I have found that platitude offensive
when I felt as if my troubles weren't acknowledged and honored by others - where they were uncomfortable with my pain and wanted me to bypass the experience and put on a happy face. But there is truly wisdom in trusting that the hell we are walking through will pass with effort and grace, counting our blessings and processing the pain.  With time, I have been able to be grateful for even the troubles that have rocked me, shattered me and dismantled my life, transforming the troubles into blessings that could now be carved into my heart and taken with me wherever I go.  Miraculous!

The image of writing my troubles with a stick into the sand and walking away, knowing the tides will come in and wash them away feels freeing to me.  And the only life I am interested in living at this point is one free of the cages - the beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, ideas and past circumstances that keep me from feeling alive.  Freedom is the ultimate blessing!  Knowing that life happens and we make choices how to transform fated events into an empowered destiny. 

I invite you to close your eyes and visualize yourself on the beach writing your troubles in the sand.  Acknowledge it all!  Any residue of past pain is essential to include so you can let the tides take even that.  Watch the waters come in and graciously wipe the slate clean.  Give thanks for all of your blessings, great and small (they are actually all GREAT).  Start with the breath you breathe, for your life, the day, the wind and go on and on and on.  Feel your heart lighten as you accept the abundance of your journey here on earth. 
(Repeat this practice over and over to enjoy more freedom in your life!)

LOVE EACH DAY (for what it is) and LIVE IT ALL (meet what comes)! 

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