Friday, March 22, 2013


It is a beautiful thing to be MISSED.
It speaks volumes about how we nourish each other
And our need for this exchange
in ways we know and can language
And in ways that we don't even know and can't possibly language.

My late-husband, John's friends were headed north to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to snow mobile, a place where they still feel at play with John.  They had taken me there last summer to visit all John's favorite spots and people and we had a blast on our adventure together so they sent me a text: Geeeeee!  We are headed north and miss you.

As I read those words, I began to cry.  It felt so good to be missed.  It had been a long time since I had someone acknowledge that they missed me, that they wished I was with them and were thinking of me at that very moment.  Being missed, that longing to be with someone and the excitement when you finally get to connect was something I experienced regularly as John and I traveled separately and returned home; or even on an ordinary day when one of us was in meetings or unavailable to touch base by phone.  Some of my favorite love notes from John are written on a sticky note:  I love you and I miss you, Gee!  Come be with me at the lake where I am waiting for you.  I miss you!  You are the best part of my days and my life...or when I went on a 3 week trip to Israel and Egypt for my 40th birthday which was the longest we had been a part and he wrote me a card for every single day I was gone numbering them:  I miss you but know I will see you in 17 days (that is way too long!).

Being missed and missing someone speaks volumes about how we nourish each other and our need for this.  It is a good thing to need and be needed as we are in a constant exchange of energy with those we share this life with.  It is an honor to be missed by others.  And it is a wonderful thing to miss others and long to be with them again so we can enjoy time together.  

I invite you to welcome being missed and the feeling of missing others.  Because John and I traveled separately often, we would discuss missing each other and be open about our anxieties and fears.  This acknowledgement helped us be okay with the absence of the other instead being a reason not to go. 

All feelings are a part of the human experience.  To cut a feeling out is to cut out life!  To be with whatever feelings arise is to be alive.  Be grateful that you can feel and let these feelings take you deeper into your Self and into life.

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