Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hoosiers Basketball: Sweet 16 went Sour

Sports, the spirit of competition is primal.
Since the beginning of time, we have gathered to challenge each other,
To see who is the best, the champ, the winner.
Thankfully, we no longer fight to the death.
Even when it feels that way as we watch our team fall.

March Madness creates a buzz throughout the nation but especially here in Indiana as basketball is the sport of our fine state.  Everywhere I travel, people bring up the Hoosiers and the basketball tradition.  Some hate on them and some appreciate the legacy.  It is fun for me to banter with them and when they ask what a Hoosier is, I can't resist saying:  HOOSIER Mama?  HOOSIER Daddy?  No matter their feeling about the Hoosiers, this lightens the mood and causes an exchange of laughter.

Watching the Hoosiers fall to Syracuse 61 to 50 was absolutely painful.  This amazing team ranked number 1 struggled throughout the entire game never finding a rhythm, never playing to their full potential; and I found this heartbreaking for them.  Yet, this is the nature of sport and of life.

On any given day, our best can be a mess.  Even elite ball players can look as if they are amateurs.  We analyze this trying to figure out what went wrong.  And to this I say:  This was the best they had today.  Our perfectionist society cannot accept this truth.  Not that there isn't value to reviewing the tape and seeing what worked and what didn't.  But ultimately, there is value to accepting that this was their best on this day.  Thankfully, we no longer fight to the death even though we grieve the fall of our team.

Life is not a success only journey!  We watch documentaries and read books about our heroes, men and women of greatness and every single one of them fell short, faced adversity and kept on going.  It was their willingness to never give up on their Self and on life that turned the sour into sweetness.

The invitation is to mourn for our beloved Hoosiers and look forward to the possibilities found in the seasons to come.  Let go of perfection and let your best be enough on any given day!  Oh, Sweet FREEDOM...

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