Monday, April 1, 2013

Do it YOUR Way!

The IDEA of doing things our way,
living life on our own terms,
acknowledging the expectations others have for us,
(and that we have for others!)
And daring to choose what we what need, what feels good and true to us is honoring the gift of this magnificent life we have been given.

My friend, Joanie, who was 80 years young when she died, requested that we play Frank Sinatra's My Way as we processioned out of her funeral.  All who knew her giggled with a knowing that she lived and died doing it her way.  This wasn't an act of rebellion, fighting against the wishes of others for argument sake or to prove some point.  She simply couldn't betray her Self, her deepest knowing of what was good for her; and didn't need to make others wrong to prove that she was right. 

Yesterday was Easter and today is April Fool's Day so I would have received a card from Joanie because like the kid she always was, she adored holidays and celebrated them all.  At the end of her life with less energy to put out into the world, she sent me my last card that said:  Happy EVERYTHING! 

I think of Joanie often and delight in the wisdom her life and death imparted on me.  She mirrored for me and gave me permission to do it my way.  Proof that those who touch us become an imprint within us that we carry throughout our lifetime.  There is a kindredness that companions us beyond the physical connection and this is LOVEly.

Arriving yesterday at Cheeca Lodge & Spa in Islamorada, Florida Keys for my niece, Macy's wedding, I was struck with a knowing that the wedding message for her and her fiance', Mark has to include:  Do it YOUR Way!  or more accurate, KEEP doing it your way.  They have been doing things their way all along down to choosing this destination wedding because they want a 5 day party for their closest friends and family members to share this special time
with them. 

This is truly an event that Macy and Mark are putting on for us (and them)down to the last details that are a reflection of them and what is most important to them.  One of Macy's friends made us all Tshirts that say Team McGoun (Mark's last name, soon to be Macy's too) which we proudly wore as we arrived cheering obnoxiously. As we stepped off the bus, they greeted us with hugs, laughter, champagne, goody bags (with super cool stuff), rolling out the welcome mat as only they can do.  Immediately, we were in our swimsuits on the beach for a day of sun and big fun that poured into the night at the Tiki Bar because none of us wanted to leave the party, the happiness and playfulness found in the connection.  All of this an extension of who they are as individuals and a couple.   

Mark and Macy already know what to do, they are doing it their way, living life on their terms and their sense of appreciation for each other and what they want is taking us all on this joy ride with them.  This is the effect that those who dare to do it their way have on us because in their freedom to be who they are, there is a flowing with life not working against it, fighting to be who they aren't.

The invitation is to go into the inquiry:  Are you doing it YOUR way?  Reflect on your life with kindness and abiding understanding to see who you give authority over your life.  I just learned from a new friend that AUTHORity over our life is knowing we are the authors of our own life.  This is a free write so worry not about doing it right or wrong, just do what ya' gotta do so you can be the fullest expression of you.  The greatest act of service to humanity is to LOVE your life!


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