Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Make Some Noise!

Digging deep, going into that uncomfortable zone,
I find myself MAKING SOME NOISE.
This primal urge is an instinctive response to help us release tension so we can go where we have never been before and express our Self more honestly and expansively.

When John first died, my breath was so shallow that it felt stuck in my throat.  Like a fish out of water, I would feel myself suddenly gulp for air unaware that I was holding my breath.  Grief had gripped me stealing my breath.  And yet, instinctively, my body did what it had to in order to keep me alive. 

I had never been so aware of the miracle of this human system, the body, and how it kicks in to do what it must to ensure our survival.  Most the time we aren't aware of this but in times when we are in a deficit; when life is sucking the wind out of our sails if we tune in, we get see and explore the wonders of being.

Making some noise is information so listen to your Self.  A friend shared that for the last 6 months of her ill-fated marriage she walked around sighing and was asked by her then husband why she was sighing.  She didn't know.  In hindsight, she can see that it was an innate response to her burdens, the heaviness of life that she was carrying around.

Yesterday, at my "squat party" workout, I was making some noise as I always do when I am diggin' deep.  Grunting, cursing, letting it out in the form of various noises have become necessary practices as I am now keenly aware of how it helps me release tension, go where I have never gone before and express my Self more expansively like a flower in full bloom. 

Sometimes out of the blue, driving or going about my day, I breathe consciously into the whole of my body and MAKE SOME NOISE freeing any residue of repressed energy.  This simple practice is energizing.

I invite you to MAKE SOME NOISE and tune in to see where it takes you. 

ENJOY the ride!

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