Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Next Move?

It is a fact that LIFE GOES ON.
It does.
It goes on with or without our consent.
We can't stop this perpetual motion which is LIFE inviting me to ask:  NEXT MOVE?

I just got home from a workout called "Squat Party" which was 45 minutes of butt and thigh burning exercises, one after the other.  As the fitness instructor yelled Next move! I felt myself roll with and move into whatever was next.  I trusted my Self - my strength, my inner rhythm, my ability to take care of my Self  moment by moment. 

Not all changes in life are so easy to roll with but change is a constant whether we are aware of it or not.  Sometimes, we are instructed and simply do what we are told.  Other times, we follow our heart's guidance and do what we must regardless of the opinions of the peanut gallery.  We are sure-footed and we stumble.  We pick our self up and we stand taller than we knew was possible.  We hold our breath and we breathe deeper into our self enlivening our senses and connecting to life in a more profound way. 

Being with with the next move, not placing conditions on what should be, we release the tension of the opposites - our human desire to control our life experiences instead of being with it all.  Miracles happen when we are present to life as it is, making choices as to how we will use our precious energy as we move forward.

I invite you to reflect on the question:   NEXT MOVE?  Tune in to your Self and welcome the unexpected, let go of limits, stay open delighting in your own personal adventure expressing as YOU.  The mantra of the great explorers of life is:  Surprise!  Surprise!  Surprise!  Life is wondrous, indeed.

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