Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Gift of Love Letters

Love letters keep on giving.
The written word expressing how we feel about those we love
is a lost art form that I invite you to reclaim.
Long after we are gone, generations that follow can connect with us.
And they will know that the one constant throughout the ages is:
 LOVE is what makes life wonderful.

I was discussing with friends the lost art of letter writing and how I wrote the postal service a few years ago, mapping out a marketing campaign where generation after generation was shown discovering letters from ancestors.  They would connect with the past which would lead to a deeper connection to the present.  They would see similar themes, ideas and thoughts that transcend time.  They would extract messages from the letters and be moved and inspired by the wisdom from those who came before them.

John and I wrote love letters to each other regularly and those letters are my most prized possessions.  Since he died, I have discovered letters tucked away in books or drawers and the messages are so timely, as if from beyond, he is reminding me of the enduring love we share.  Some of them are passionate and sexy and some are playful and silly.  They all feed me.  Recently I found this note:  Gee, I love you and I hope you have a great day - write a letter and tell someone you love them.  I LOVE YOU, John xoxo.  

What a wonderful invitation to take a moment and write someone to tell them we love them.  Perhaps, it is a sticky note stuck on a dashboard or in a school backpack or on the vanity mirror.  This seemingly simple gesture has the power to make someone's day; and why wouldn't we want to enhance the day of someone we love?  Afterall, the one constant since the beginning of time, throughout the ages is:  LOVE makes life wonderful!

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  1. ~~~ JESUS loves you ~~~ Everything is possible to LORD and to you who believe ~~~ JESUS saved and healed me from drugs ~~~ May the LORD bless you and keep you ~ May the LORD smile down on you and show you his kindness ~ May the LORD answer your prayers and give you peace ~~~ Glory to LORD JESUS ~~~