Monday, March 11, 2013

When is the last time you did something for the first time?

Daily rituals are essential and grounding but rigidity - not allowing the new experiences of life can dull our sense of adventure.
Pay attention to how you feel.
One seemingly small change can lead to big shifts.

When I signed up for my bootcamp fitness class, my intention was to maximize my workouts in a shorter amount of time.  This is the reason why I thought I was doing it.  But doing something new, allowing myself to let go of rituals and make room for change has had far-reaching effects on the whole of my life that I could never have imagined.  I expected to get in shape more efficiently.  I didn't expect that it would stoke my creative fires as much as it has bringing forward new projects and ideas.  I didn't expect to meet the incredible people that give so much to my life standing side by side with me day in and day out.  I didn't expect to feel so playful in the midst of doing things for the first time.

My willingness to simply show up and do something different gifts me every single day.  I feel as if ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE as I do what I have never done before and discover life outside my cozy little box.  The box I had created was comfortable and tidy, but getting messy, allowing myself to get sloppy and drop into the muck has proven to be enriching in ways I can express and ways that are beyond language.  

Last week when I went to get my hair colored, my stylist, Angel, who is always gorgeous had an extra umph in her step that I noticed immediately.  We hugged and I asked what the heck was going on with this new mojo she was exuding.  She shared that she had bought a Groupon for Crossfit, a workout program, 9 months ago but was scared to go.  A high school friend posted on facebook how she was doing Crossfit and had lost over 100 pounds and felt better than ever.  Inspired, Angel dared to take her fear by the hand and go.  4 weeks later, she is standing taller.  She has more energy.  She respects herself and feels courageous.  She is dwelling in possibilities as she feels more connected her Self and engaged in the world.

Doing something for the first time requires us to risk, to move into the unknown, to challenge our need to do things right or perfect, to be okay with looking foolish or silly.  This is NOT small stuff.  But the reward is a sense of adventure in experiencing this life fully, jumping into the fires as we befriend our fears so they no longer stop us from blossoming into the highest expression of our Self. 

Remember this and repeat it to yourself over and over and over and over: 
You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

What if playing it safe is killing YOUR SPIRIT?  (FREE Your Self.)

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