Wednesday, March 27, 2013

CLEARing Out to OPEN Up the New

Clearing out stuff,
Purging things from our lives,
de-animating, withdrawing energy from the old,
FREES us and OPENS us as this makes space for the new.

It is a natural progression for the aging to downsize, moving from the homes where they raised their children into smaller more manageable spaces that aren't so taxing physically to maintain.  Not everything can fit in the smaller spaces so they must let go of stuff, things that were once treasures and a source of joy.  This seems so logical that they simply do what they must. I can remember doing this with my mom as she transitioned into a smaller home and then, into her living quarters in my sister's home.  But I didn't realize how the letting go, the clearing, the purging, withdrawing her energy from the old opened her to what was to come, the new life she would experience from this.

When John first died, I held on to everything of his leaving his clothes exactly as they were even his razor as well as toothbrush and toothpaste stayed in position.  I didn't realize this was my attempt to keep things the same.  Holding on to the way things were helped me and was necessary until I was ready to begin to purge.  This has come in waves over the past couple of years and each time I let go, new life has organically sprung from within me and around me.

I wasn't consciously inviting the new and there was no talking myself into doing what others told me I should; it was just time.  I have followed these inner impulses and continue to be amazed at the sling shot effect de-animating my energy from stuff has, as I am catipulted into a life that bathes me with a deeper sense of freedom and exploration.  In the opening, anything is possible.

As my mom gave away her prized possessions, I watched her excitement in knowing that others would now enjoy what she had.  I also watched her disappointment when family members didn't want items she treasured.  And I remember having a moment of clarity and thinking:  Girl, enjoy your stuff because it is for you.  When you are gone, this stuff may end up at a flea market or Goodwill Store.  What is a treasure for you may be CRAP to someone else!
Each item, each person, each pet in our home as well as the physical space takes our precious energy.  There is a constant exchange that we aren't aware of.  I have come to see that we don't have to wait until our Golden Years to
downsize and purge.  There are gifts to doing this regularly, feeling things out and letting go of what is taking up space and letting in the new that fills you with joy.  No need to force this and create a practice based on shoulds.  Pay attention and tune in to how you feel so the choice becomes choiceless.  It becomes an act of honoring your life and welcoming the new life that SPRINGS from this. 

Happy SPRINGing!

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