Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Life is Bitter AND Sweet...

Holding the paradox of life,
being with the bitter and the sweet,
resisting nothing.
allowing the totality of the experience,

I have come to see that there is a sweetness to life that can only be tasted in the wake of the bitterness - a depth carved from the bitterness that drops us into another level of sweetness.  If we bypass the bitterness, we bypass the sweetness.  But if we dare to allow the totality of our life experiences, we come alive more fiercely and sure-footed regardless of the circumstances.  Letting life touch us, cut us with its sharp edges in order to transform us takes faith that no matter what comes, we can meet it and use it to inform our journey. 

Using our experiences takes us from victim to victor, gives meaning to everything and helps us to evolve as we extract the wisdom, spin the lead into gold and free more of our Self to come out and play throughout this lifetime.

Some things are harder to swallow than others and acknowledging this, helps us to swallow it anyway, digesting and integrating the most unpalletable of experiences.  In the movie Mary Poppins, she sings A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down.  This is true in life.  Knowing the sweetness will come enables us to be with the bitterness.  Nothing stays the same.  Cycles come and go, this journey is ever-changing, ever-shifting bringing both bitterness and sweetness.

I invite you to look at your life and reflect on the gifts that have come from the jagged little pills you have been forced to swallow.  Seeing the gifts, seeing the beauty, seeing the grace in all life has brought your way actually makes even the bitterness extra extra sweet.

BE WITH IT ALL...Use it!

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