Sunday, March 24, 2013

Life as a TREASURE Hunt

There are TREASURES within
that are revealed in perfect time.
This is an endless unfolding.
This is the truest adventure of our life.

(Unlock the Doors Within You.)

I became friends with Theresa after John died.  She had known John for years and actually worked for him and his business partners.  We had crossed paths occasionally and traded pleasantries but never got to know each other.  She was helping me with all the administrative details related to the business and we connected  immediately.  I would come to call her Boss because that lady knows how to get shit done and I was incapable at the time of doing any of it.  Theresa said to me:  You are the best kept secret.  She joked that John kept me hidden because he wanted me all to himself and didn't want to have to share me.

I tried to explain to Theresa that I am meeting parts of my Self for the first time and the person she is meeting today isn't who I was before John died.  Her words:  You are the best kept secret resonated with me so deeply and took me on a treasure hunt, an exploration of the more of me that had been revealed in the wake of the tragedy.  I came to see that each of us is the best kept secret.  Along the journey of life these secret compartments are unlocked and more of us is freed.  This sacred process can't be forced; it requires us to live and to stay open to the direct experiences of life.  The poet Rilke invited us to Live the answers which excites and terrifies me simultaneously - this is life as a treasure hunt.
Being with the direct experience and letting it inform, guide and lead us into more of our Self, new life, new creative expressions, I have discovered treasures that leave me in awe of my life and all life.  I am committed to never saying NEVER...staying open, not boxing my Self in with limiting ideas of who I think I am.  Every day allows me to reclaim more of my Self so I can let it ROAR.  What ya' see isn't all there is.  This illusion lifts and worlds within and all around become so vast the excitement swallows us, ushering us in to the unexpected, the unimaginable.  How magnificent!

Knowing the treasure lies within me, within all of creation and to connect to that again and again and again.  It is a HOMEcoming.  The treasure is always there.  As we are reacquainted with parts of our Self, it brings forth revelations:  Oh yahhhh, I know you.  The familiarity with what was unknown moments before is stirring and baffling and freeing to our vitality.

Enjoy your life as a TREASURE hunt!  Some doors unlock through effort and some doors unlock through grace.  It all happens in perfect time.  Trust this.  Welcome your Self with awe and wonder all the days of your life!

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